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Meet Two Men About Town and win a new Jolie Coffee Machine from Lavazza!

Hello to all you lovely people over at Foodie Explorers!, If you’ve never heard of us and are wondering why we have suddenly popped up on your usual go-to page for Scottish related food and drink information, we quite understand but please bear with us and we hope we can reassure you.

Your favourite Glasgow foodie team are, understandably, very popular across the blogging universe and get invited to many events and product launches all over the country. Some are interesting, (most are not) but they can’t always tear themselves away from their beloved Glasgow to sink into the foul swamp that is London and ‘The South’.

That’s where we come in. Even though a launch is down here (and therefore, probably not that important), they figured that you might still like to know what’s going on so they asked us to pick up anything that they can’t/don’t want to go to and let you know all about it. What do you think, will you give us a chance?
The guys behind Two Men About Town are Suburban Gent and Robs Ribs (@suburbangent @robsribsmk), who are two straight up and (very) honest fellas don’t take life too seriously. We’ll bring you our unofficial, sometimes unprofessional and yet invaluable opinion on whatever comes past our desks so look out for us, join us on Twitter or Facebook and let us know what you like, don’t like or anything inbetween.

Lavazza, Coffee Cocktails and free cake!

We all know it’s good to have friends, and friends who give you free stuff are even better. Having recently been introduced to our new found friends over at Lavazza, they invited us over to Ascot in order to take a look at their new coffee machine, the Jolie. Our initial hopes were dashed when we were not confronted with the Bradjolina coffee cross-over we were expecting, (Robs Ribs continues to be unashamed to confirm that he used to have a picture of her Lara Croft pinned to the inside of his wardrobe) but still, it was a good excuse for a day out and who can say no to free cake?

Two men about town lavazza


Sadly, due to the horror that is the M25, we missed the coffee making masterclass session. Still, the benefits of the view from the King Edward the VII lounge whilst sipping on a couple of espresso martini’s and putting a couple of quid on some horses with amusing sounding names, made up for it. But seriously, who were we really kidding? We drink coffee at work sure, but coffee aficionados we are not. Everyone knows that Lavazza make great coffee, you don’t need us to tell you that, so rather than giving you some guff about the aroma or tasting notes, consider this your lucky day because as we are your new friends, we’re going to get straight to the point: Do you want a new coffee machine for free?

Two men about town lavazza

Coffee Break and Competition time!

By virtue of the fact we’re pretty cheeky, we’ve managed to get our hands on one of these coffee machines and decided to give it away to someone who will almost certainly appreciate it more than we will.

So what do you need to know about these beauties? As you can see, the Jolie is available in four colours but you’re going to get a nice green one. It’s also apparently the quietest coffee machine Lavazza have ever made, which is a definite bonus for your morning-after coffee fix. The Lavazza coffee pods come in innumerable flavours and strengths, which are quite beyond rational understanding but for we’re sure that despite appearances, for coffee connoisseurs such as yourselves, they are all delicious and uniquely different. We think we can probably throw a few of those in for you as well.

Two men about town lavazza
The Jolie design is, let’s face it, pretty much like a coffee machine. No great shakes there. It’s easy to use and difficult to get wrong (believe us, we tried). If we’re being generous, it does look pretty snazzy and would fit perfectly next to your middle-class Riklig Ikea teapot. In short, the Jolie probably won’t make you the envy of your friends (unless none of them have a coffee machine either), and it won’t immeasurably improve your life but it will consistently make damn good coffee and is worth a few quid on ebay, although we have no idea why that might be important to you when considering if you should enter this competition.
So what do you have to do to win this slice of coffee related happiness? Well, just this transparent and gratuitous act of self-promotion and share our Facebook page. Here is the link – follow and click people, follow and click!

This presentation was brought to you by Two Men About Town, in association with Lavazza. And Ascot. They let anyone in these days don’t they?

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