2015 food trends?

2015 food trend Glasgow uk

More burgers!

Sigh, we know!  You can’t get moving for burgers.  Will we see better provenance? Different cooking styles? We hear the flat grill is back – chargilling is so 2014.  Look out for Five Guys expanding, Byron, Meatliquor and seemingly In and Out are heading to London.

Gourmet burger kitchen Glasgow review
Cheese and Bacon Burger from Gourmet Burger Kitchen.


In the style of the amazing Henne in Berlin (really must get that post up!), London is again showing the way with Meatliquor opening up Chickenliquor.  A host of street food vans and new venues have opened in a relatively short space of time. Will this trend make its way here?

Diablo Chicken wings – Safari Lounge, Edinburgh

Buttery Coffee

With some of the best roasted coffee and coffee shops around as well as a love for all things greasy, Glasgow and Edinburgh should be embracing this new Paleo friendly drink – Bulletproof Coffee is the name of this delight and it can be made as follows:

2015 food trends?
Recipe Type: Bulletproof Coffee
Author: Glasgow Foodie
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 2
  • 1-2tbs unsalted grass-fed butter
  • 1-2tbs of coconut oil
  • 1-2 cups (~250-500ml) of hot coffee brewed with low-toxin beans (like Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee) using a french press or however you normally brew your coffee.
  1. -2tbs unsalted grass-fed butter
  2. -2tbs of coconut oil
  3. -2 cups (~250-500ml) of hot coffee brewed with low-toxin beans (like Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee) using a french press or however you normal brew your coffee.
  4. Make coffee: Brew coffee as you normally would.
  5. Pre-heat blender: Boil extra water and pour it into a blender while your coffee brews to pre-heat the blender.
  6. Froth: Empty hot water from the now pre-heated blender and add the brewed coffee, butter, and Coconut oil.
  7. Blend until there is a thick layer of foam on top like a latte.
  8. Drink

Bulletproof coffeeSoup

Real soup with chunks in it. Made with legs and bones (as we’ve discovered you can do with a Thermomix) and with spices to liven up your soul.

Som Saa - Khao Dtom rice soup
Som Saa – Khao Dtom rice soup


Is high quality finely milled green tea. This Japanese drink is seemingly high in antioxidants (containing around 130 times more than an average cup of green tea), has caffeine and the amino acid L-theanine, which is a mood-booster and said to strengthen cognitive ability.

Matcha green tea Japanese Mexican/South American Food

Ceviche, Argentinian steak, quinoa drinks etc, there’s more to this cuisine than tortillas, fajitas and quesadillas!

Ceviche andina Andina Peru Peruvian london shoreditch Redchurch food drink Glasgow blog east end
Ceviche Andina
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What would you like to see this year?

2015 food trend Glasgow uk

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  1. 12/01/2015 / 10:43 am
    Thanks for sharing. So glad to see Mexican/South American on the rise in Scotland! And would love to see a burger revolution in the UK that says goodbye to breadcrumbs or eggs in the meat mix. That is burger blasphemy! :)

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