Launch of Paesano Pizza, 94 Miller Street, Glasgow

Paesano pizza - busy launch night

A taste of Napoli in Glasgow

Mrs Foodie is still moaning about her sore leg (pulled her calf muscle) so Mr Foodie got the chance to have a night out on his own at the opening of Paesano Pizza on Miller Street where CF Nash used to be years ago.

Paesano pizza - pizza chefs at work
Paesano pizza – pizza chefs at work

The Gianni Acunto of Napoli ovens cost £20,000, so these better be good pizzas!

Inside the décor was hip and modern but didn’t tick too many hipster boxes!  Benches enable everyone to get cosy together and create a relaxed beer-hall style atmosphere.

Paesano pizza - inside
Paesano pizza – inside

It’s also surprisingly big (well Nash’s was a big cavernous space from what we can remember) stretching back and to the left – it’s much much bigger than Piece next door for example.

Paesano pizza - Messina lager
Paesano pizza – Messina lager

Mr Foodie settled down to an Italian lager, Messina, that he’d never had before (a fairly typical pils).

Paesano pizza - the menu
Paesano pizza – the menu

And perused the menu opting for the spicy salami pizza (click pic for menu).

Paesano pizza - Spiniata spicy salami pizza
Paesano pizza – Spiniata spicy salami pizza

and here it was – a very thin soft base with puffy doughy edges, it wasn’t crispy at all (if you prefer that style) with lots of tomato sugo and meat on top.

Paesano pizza - ice cream
Paesano pizza – ice cream

And he had room for some soft old-school vanilla ice-cream.


They open officially at lunch time today (06/08/15) and we shall return again soon for a proper review once they’ve settled in, until then read more on their website:

Glasgow Foodie
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