Pumpkin ginger apple soup recipe

Recipe: Pumpkin, Ginger and Apple Soup (Vegan)

There’s more to pumpkins than Halloween, or if you are sick looking at pumpkins, try this with butternut squash.  The ginger and cardamom give this an exotic twist, and some much needed taste to the boring old pumpkin. This is an easy to make soup.  So simple, it doesnt need a pot!  Roast the pumpkin,

Vegan sweet potato and corn chowder recipe

Recipe: Vegan Sweet Potato & Sweetcorn Chowder

I absolutely love making soup but was thinking that I've got into the habit of always adding some kind of meat to it for added flavour. There must be more to a soup than a bacon base? (Is there? says Mr Foodie). Not only was I thinking of a more veggie friendly version but also

vegfest london october

Event Preview: Vegfest UK, London 21st and 22nd Oct 2017

Advance tickets now on sale for one of UK's biggest vegan consumer shows VegfestUK A grand total of around 13,500 visitors came to last year's  VegfestUK London, and with the growth of the vegan market right now, even more visitors are expected at this year's annual vegan blockbuster event. Around 250 stalls, 23 globally inspired

recipe teapigs raw matcha fudge one

Recipe: Raw Matcha Coconut Fudge

Matcha is more than just hipster green tea. It's a delicious ingredient to cook with as can be seen in "The Book of Matcha" by Teapigs.  You can bake with it, cook savoury meals and it can be added to a variety of recipes due to its powder nature.  This recipe for Raw Matcha Coconut

Event Preview: Big Feed 4th March

Big Feed launches in Glasgow this weekend (4th March) and will surely be a treat for Glasgow foodies! The venture is headed by Ben who was behind Burger Meats Bun in Glasgow and is now joining forces with some of the best names in street food to host this event. Big Feed will be different

vegan Festival Guide for UK

Vegan Festivals Guide for 2017 released

With the rise of Veganism in the UK it makes sense that there should be a guide available which lists UK vegan events in one area.  The UK Vegan Festivals Guide 2017 lists around 80 events, up and down the UK, already for 2017! These can range from small gatherings of stall holders to up

Vegan glasgow where to eat

Vegan – where to eat in Glasgow

  Glasgow is buzzing with vegan dining venues with many cafes and restaurants offering vegan options. Read our guide to discover where to check out. Kind Crusts, 160 Garthland Drive, Glasgow Kind Crusts Mono, 12 Kings Court, Glasgow Mono Picnic, 103 Ingram Street, Glasgow Picnic V and V Cafe, 481 Great Western Rd, Glasgow, Scotland,

vegan egg nog recipe

Recipe: Vegan Egg Nog

Egg Nog is the essence of Christmas captured in a single glass. The only problem is that the traditional recipe is a cupful of calories so this vegan version makes a guilt-free alternative. Serve hot or chilled and leave the rum out for the kids or non-alcohol drinking family members. 1 pkt (349g) Yutaka Japanese-style

Lentil soup recipe

Recipe: Lentil Soup

Simple and comforting soup Lentil soup is one of the simplest, cheapest and easiest soups to make. It is gluten free and can easily be made vegan friendly. It's a close relative of dhal, in fact a bowl of thick meat free lentil soup topped with some spicy butter is a bowl of dhal. To


Food Review: Singl-End, 265 Renfrew St, Glasgow G3 6TT

Tasty Cakes and brunch at Singl-end in Glasgow Hidden away in a basement, off the beaten track in Garnethill probably isn’t where you would first look for dishes such as spicy baked eggs or (possibly) the biggest selection of gluten-free cakes in Glasgow. However, it is..! Located along from Glasgow Art School, Singl-end made a