Sweet and Sour Beef Salad Lidl Scotland Tony Singh recipe

Recipe: Sweet and Sour Scottish Beef Salad from Tony Singh and Lidl

Singh for your Supper with Tony Singh and Lidl Scottish TV chef, Tony Singh MBE will be teaming up with supermarket Lidl to create a delicious 3-course meal using a wide range of hand-selected Scottish products. For the 4 days of the Royal Highland Show, Tony will be on the Lidl stand, cooking up a

Shetland Roast Lamb hogget easter recipe

Recipe: Roast Lamb – perfect for Easter

Easter roast lamb When Santa knows you like food and bought you a Shetland Lamb to eat - you really do have to make something special.   I made this for our Christmas dinner and it was very tender, with the meat falling apart perfectly.  Special doesn’t always mean fancy.  This recipe sticks to the

Lamb biriyani recipe

Recipe: lamb biriyani (Christmas leftovers)

 Easy-to-follow lamb biriyani recipe This Christmas we had a rolled shoulder of lamb for our dinner.  Tasty as it was, there was far too much for just the two of us, so mucho leftovers to play with.  I decided to make some lamb biriyani as not only did Mr Foodie have a cold, but my curry

turkey enchiladas recipe

Recipe: Turkey Enchiladas (Christmas leftovers)

Put Christmas leftovers to good use! Even if you didn't have turkey for Christmas dinner you might have found yourself in our shoes, finding a heavily-reduced turkey in the supermarket after Christmas, and we can't resist a bargain! But what to do with any leftovers once you've had your roast? Well, definitely don't bin it when

Check with Heck Movember sausages Sausage casserole

Check with Heck: meat n two veg

Yorkshire-based sausage brand HECK is working alongside the world-leading men's health charity The Movember Foundation. HECK have renamed themselves as CHECK for the duration of November, in order to encourage men to have a search for lumps on their scrotum. A survey completely by HECK showed that almost one in 10 (9.8%) of men between

creamy mac and cheese 3

Recipe: Creamy Garlic Parmesan Mac And Cheese

THE best mac n cheese you'll ever taste! Pasta and cheese is not exactly rocket science but you'd be surprised at the amount of bad mac 'n' cheese I've had.  It is simple to make, but also simple to get wrong.  Poor quality cheese or not enough cheese to even having too much sauce, so

lamb leek casserole

Recipe: Lamb, Leek and Nigella Seed Casserole

This recipe is from the British Leek Association website and has been developed by Katriona MacGregor.  Please visit to see their other recipes. Mr Foodie loves his leeks.  A much-neglected vegetable and one, which you will see from the recipes on the British Leeks website above, is a versatile veggie.  Sweetening up many a dish. 

Katsu curry

Recipe: Chicken Katsu Curry by Yutaka

You'll probably recognise the Yutaka curry block from the shelves of your local supermarket but think that making Japanese food is all fiddly and needs lots of practice. This isn't the case.  Katsu curry is quick and easy to make. I've posted below a recipe for Chicken Katsu Curry which is easy to make.  You

Malmaison the honours Glasgow martin Wishart

Recipe: Martin Wishart’s Monkfish with Chorizo and Cockles

The Honours at Malmaison held a night to get to know Martin Wishart as well as experience behind the scenes. There have been previous events like this where you get to taste some wine, learn to cook with Martin and then relax over some lunch. A perfect day for a foodie. After some cocktails in