Malibu iced coffee recipe cocktail summer

Cocktail Recipe: Malibu Iced Coffee 🍸

Creamy, coffee cocktail Malibu have teamed up with Palm Vaults of Hackney who  are renowned for their unmistakable tropical style, making them a match made in paradise for Malibu’s summer of fun! Putting the versatility of Malibu rum to the test, the girls at Palm Vaults have been working hard to develop some eye-popping, jaw

Malmaison cocktail

Recipe: Mal Piña Caipirinha

It may have been World Cocktail Day last week but that doesn't mean you can miss out on making a cool sounding cocktail - Piña Caipirinha. Boutique hotel Malmaison has shared the recipe for one of their favourite cocktails on the menu from the spring cocktail menu at the Chez Mal bar. The sweet and fruity

bloom gin 75 cocktail recipe

Drink: Gin 75 Recipe

Skip the chocolates this Valentine’s Day and impress your sweetheart with this deliciously romantic cocktail.  Add some edible flowers for more kawaii and love. 25ml BLOOM London Dry Gin 25ml freshly squeezed lemon juice 10ml sugar syrup (1 water: 2 sugar) (see recipe here) Top with good quality Prosecco or Champagne Shake the first three

Fentimans ginger beer Moscow Mule cocktail

Recipe: Dry January Moscow Mule Mocktail

Banish the January blues and with a ginger beer mocktail Mr Foodie loves ginger beer, ginger sweeties and well basically ginger in any form! He's also a bit poorly just now with man flu (snigger) so needs lots of fluids - surely some ginger will do his system some good? As part of Dry January, the

tia maria cappuccino

Cocktail: Tia Maria Cappuccino

TIA MARIA CAPPUCCINO Ingredients: 25ml Tia Maria 25ml vodka Shot of espresso   Method: Shake all ingredients and pour into glass Add foam on top   To make the foam…   Ingredients: 100ml salted caramel or Morello cherry syrup 200ml water 2 egg whites Two cream chargers   Method: Foam the drink Garnish with salted

tia maria mint frappe

Christmas Cocktail: Tia Maria Mint Frappe

Liven up a Coffee Frappe with some Tia Maria and Mint, making it a bit more festive. TIA MARIA MINT FRAPPE Ingredients: 25ml Tia Maria Double shot of espresso 6 fresh mint leaves 50ml fresh milk   Method: Shake all ingredients Pour over cubed ice Stir and serve Garnish with a sprig of mint [amd-yrecipe-recipe:52]

Cold brewed coffee

Recipe – Cold Brewed Coffee

For a less bitter coffee on a humid day give Cold Brewed Coffee a try. It's different to a frappe in that you have to think beforehand. No five minute instant coffee job here but a 12 hour soak. I used a lockable water bottle but you can use a plastic jug, glass bottle, old