Delft Pauw pottery

Travel: Finding out about Delft pottery

Pottering about in Delft Now visiting a pottery isn't the most rock 'n' roll thing to do on holiday. However, we were visiting The Hague and it had Mr Foodies favourite word - FREE - attached to it! So off we headed to Delft! I hadn't thought of visiting Delft before, mind you The Hague

Stads koffyhuis Delft Holland coffee shop cafe

Food: Stads KoffyHuis, Delft, Netherlands

Recommended for lunch in Delft A short tram ride from The Hague is the gorgeous city of Delft.  Well known for pottery, canals and Vermeer, it did initially sound like a "pensioner day out" destination when Mr Foodie suggested it.  However, I'm now sweet on Delft and partly because of the Delft coffee houses or